How Can a Tutor Help You Improve Your Writing Skills?

There are four types of skills you can develop studying English: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Usually, students are much better in reading and writing, but in my case it was speaking that I was efficient at. Unfortunately, working as a personal assistant I had to write all those weekly meeting minutes reports.

I was so unconfident about my writing skills that, sometimes, I made mistakes even in the words I knew perfectly. The other problem was that my speaking vocabulary was rather wide, but the writing one was very poor. That means, I knew how to say the word, but I was not able to write it down. “How is it possible?” you ask.

Well, it is very possible if you learn by listening only, as I did. So, when I asked my tutor for help, she immediately suggested three activities I was supposed to do for at least a few months. Luckily, I was able to get results even sooner. I became more confident in my writing, felt it easier to form my thoughts on paper and actually became more productive at work. I think those tips my tutor advised me were absolutely magical, yet simple to follow. That is why I want you to know them as well. You can find them right below. I hope you will use them and improve your writing as I did.

Tip #1 Read. It seems so simple, and still people forget about it. However, your reading should not be for entertainment. It has to be the kind of reading when you look at each word separately and try to note its spelling in your mind. Another thing you need to pay your attention to is punctuation. I and my tutor used to do the following exercise: we took the text, and I had to explain each punctuation mark. This was amazing, because I knew the rules, but couldn’t use them in practice, and in this case I was able to visualize each of them.

Tip #2 Study writing theory. Yes, it may seem boring, but how are you going to write a persuasive essay, if you do not know what it has to be about? Theory is important, yet it is nothing without practice. That is why my next tip is about it.

Tip #3 Practice all your knowledge. What is a better way to improve your writing skills than writing itself? Each lesson I wrote a small text and my tutor checked it. Then I had to explain my mistakes, and if I couldn’t the tutor would help me. I also had to write some kind of essay as my homework. You may say that you can do these activities even without a tutor. And yes, you can write an essay, but who is supposed to correct and explain your mistakes? A tutor is the right person for that.