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Today we analyzed the best performing Mac OS X applications that help to speed up your mac and make it more healthy and quickly responding. As you know all the macs need some special treatment, but for those people who are not so tech savvy and are not going to follow complex instructions and maybe pay more attention to freeing some extra time we made a short review of optimization tools. So here we go.

Memory Keeper from the Kromtech Alliance Corp.

Functionality of the Memory Keeper app is also quite similar to that of Memory Clean and MemoryMonitor. The app also offers different color themes and desktop widget functionality. User ratings are mostly positive; however, some users complain about RAM usage indicators that are not enough accurate.

Memory Keeper from the Kromtech Alliance Corp.  on the AppStore.

Dr. Cleaner for Mac by Trend Micro, Inc.

In addition to RAM optimization, Dr. Cleaner offers disk cleanup, app uninstallation, and system monitoring functionality. User interface of the current version of the app is localized into French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese languages.

Dr. Cleaner for Mac by Trend Micro, Inc. on the AppStore.

Memory Booster for Mac by Fresh Squeezed Apps LLC

Does the same job as most of the apps described above. However, the user interface of Memory Booster doesn’t seem to be Apple style.

Memory Booster for Mac by Fresh Squeezed Apps LLCAppStore on the AppStore.

All the applications have just very lot in common, the reason is not what app is the best but what app suits your need best. So, the choice is up to you.