Not always, the younger generation keeps pace with the time and sometimes makes mistakes that may backfire.

Millennials is a generation of young people born between 1980 and 1999. They transform the economic, social and political life of society.


Members of this generation tend to be more optimistic, sociable and diverse than the population of the older age group. However, they are not always correct and logical behavior in financial matters and aspects of the budget allocation. So what are the mistakes most often allow the younger generation, but that does right?


Value of education

Many representatives of youth today receive higher education, because it opens up additional possibilities of building a successful career. In other words, they are actively investing in knowledge and are willing to spend on it too much.

They do not buy cars

According to statistics, Generation is 29% less likely to buy cars than Generation X. Moreover, as of 2015 the number of car owners among the age group 22-35 years was 25% lower than in the same age range.

A similar trend can be explained quite simply. Firstly, they do not want to take credit for the car, and secondly, they can easily take advantage of innovative transport services such as Uber, or BlaBlaCar, and without no problem to get from point A to point B.

Millennials live with parents

For the first time since 1880, young people aged 18 to 34 years old often live with their parents. At the same time, this trend is not due to a lack of material resources, or low wages. Rather, the reason lies in the cost of rent and late marriages.

Weak sides

They have no savings

23% of Gen Y do not have a savings account. It is not good in terms of the economy and retirement benefits, since the earlier a person starts to postpone retirement, the more impressive is his bag.

They practically save money today, preferring to postpone the matter and think about it later. To cope with this problem, experts recommend young people to use special applications and services of banks, helping to make automatic payments into a savings account.

There is one old rule – you should not give more than 30% for housing from the income, but they do not adhere to this recommendation, and sometimes completely ignore it. In some large US cities, young people are willing to pay for housing up to 79% of their monthly income. It becomes clear why Generation Y does not have savings.

About the Author: Mike Ross is a layer. He is from Chicago.


University in figures:
• 200 hectares – the area of the campus;
• 6 faculties, 44 educational programs, 23 departments, 2 special schools;
• 170 lecture halls and University Library, one of the largest in southern Italy;
• 3000 rooms in student dormitories, 1300 seats in the dining rooms, which serve about 3,500 people daily.

University of Calabria, located in the south of Italy in the small town of Rende, was founded in 1972. Majority of departments are engaged in research, some of which have become international standards. Many developments are funded from non-university sources.

The peculiarity of this educational institution is that along with the academic buildings, on a campus there are a residential complex for the accommodation of students, as well as a sports center, the Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden of Calabria, the center of language services, canteens, cafe, bank, small shops.

More than 27,000 students study at the University of Calabria, the teaching staff comprises more than 450 people, and together with the administrative personnel it makes more than 700 people. The annual University budget is 40 million Euros.

Calabria University provides high-quality education in various fields, such as art, economics, engineering, mathematics, physics and natural sciences, medicine and political science. University students do not use online services to buy research papers for sale.

The University of Calabria has 6 faculties:
1. Faculty of Arts
2. Faculty of Engineering
3. Faculty of Economics
4. Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences
5. Faculty of Medicine
6. Faculty of Political Sciences

All of them are divided into 23 branches, where 29 general and 17 diploma courses are taught.
Calabria University collaborates with other scientific organizations, the achievement of which is then used in the joint developments.

Campus is a separate town in which you can live, without leaving its borders. At the Campus there is Resideziale Center, which is designed for leisure. There are also sports, wellness centers, Center of Art and Music. Also in town there is the center of Radio and Television, University Press, Language Center and others.

University Library is one of the largest in the Calabrian region and it is composed of the Central Library, Library of Humanities, Interfaculty Library of Economic and Social Sciences, and several others.

Calabria University makes significant contribution to the promotion and development of the region at both national and international level.
About the author: Victoria Smith is a freelance writer. She likes reading books, playing the piano and skiing. She is a fan of Korean food.


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